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Based in the Hopewell Valley, Hope Rises Up promotes policies and initiatives aligned with progressive ideals, which foster a healthy environment and a healthy nation. We amplify local voices that affirm that our strength as a nation is dependent upon diversity, inclusivity, and expanding equality.


Hope Rises Up builds on the momentum of the Women’s March, remaining vigilant about governmental and institutional policies that have the potential to bring harm to individuals, communities, and the environment.


Hope Rises Up follows the non-violent principles as laid out by Martin Luther King, Jr.


Hope Rises Up is not affiliated with any political party, but may lend support to policies and initiatives which support our objectives. By sharing information with like-minded groups and encouraging civil discourse, together we can take the actions necessary to protect our democracy.


Hope Rises Up recognizes that, as a diverse community, members have unique primary concerns, and fellow activists are encouraged to provide support—whether implicitly or explicitly—for these discrete concerns.


Hope Rises Up will not disengage from those whose opinions differ, but will try to reach common ground wherever possible.


Hope Rises Up recognizes that, because resistance work may be difficult and exhausting, its members can turn to each other for comfort, respite, and joy.

Hope Rises Up is a nonprofit tax exempt organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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