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anti-racism proclamation

for white american allies


wriTTen by beverly mills, sharon elaine buck,
and catherine J. Fulmer-hogan

WHEREAS, As White Americans and allies, we are of the opinion that the lives of Black Americans hold inherent value and worth, that their dreams, futures, culture, art, businesses, wisdom and fortitude contribute immeasurably to the fabric of our nation. 

WHEREAS, We acknowledge the work Black Americans have been engaged in to assert their rights and dismantle the inherently racist systems in which we operate at tremendous personal cost.

WHEREAS, We the people, see and acknowledge the hyper-policing, infringement of civil liberties and systematic oppression that have plagued Black Americans for generations. 

WHEREAS, We denounce the countless murders of Black Americans at the hands of law enforcement and white supremacists with the understanding that these two things are not mutually exclusive. 

WHEREAS, We acknowledge that Black Trauma is real and the byproduct of a society that was created to protect and bolster the institution of slavery which arguably still exists in our deeply broken criminal justice system.

WHEREAS, We hold our legislators, politicians, law enforcement, justice system, educators and all those who hold and exercise power accountable to these truths. 

WHEREAS, We acknowledge that if we choose not to be part of the solution, we are inevitably part of the problem.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT we will work to eradicate a culture that perpetuates these heinous acts and fosters the continued oppression of a people, we will further educate ourselves about the many ways in which racism is woven into our culture, we will not be bystanders, but rather will speak up in the face of racism and hate, we will physically, emotionally and financially support organizations and initiatives that operate within these truths, we will educate our families, friends and acquaintances surrounding these truths, we will patronize and support black businesses, we will demand a better fairer future for our black brothers and sisters and we will lend our names and reputations to this fight. 

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