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The phrase “Hate Has No Home Here” was imagined by a 3rd grader at Peterson Elementary School in Chicago. A Chicago designer created the artwork and worked with friends to secure the translations. The additional languages on the sign – Urdu, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic and Spanish - include languages spoken by communities who have been the victims of recent hate speech and hate crimes.


“NO HATE” has no exceptions – it means you should not hate someone based on their religious beliefs, heritage, race, gender, sexuality, political party, or who they voted for. The signs are in response to the recent spike not only in hate crimes, but also hateful words and rhetoric which have been heard throughout our country and even our own towns. It is our hope that when someone drives through our community, and sees these signs all around, they will get a clear message that our community is committed to fighting hate in all of its forms. 


Locally, the signs and stickers may be purchased at The Bear and the Books in Hopewell, open Wed-Sun. Signs are $5 and stickers are $1. (Buy 5 stickers and get 1 free.) Unfortunately, we are not able to ship. If you live further away, you may their website and use the interactive map to find a distributor near you, or download the images and have them printed yourself.

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