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how to host a proclamation

in your own community

The authors of the proclamation are all from the Hopewell Valley community in Central NJ. They have asked Hope Rises Up to help them with the logistical components of managing a large scale proclamation.


While provides us with a vehicle to gather a large number of signers in a short time, the original intention of the authors was to gather in person signatures from as many White American allies as possible. These signed proclamations, together with the names from, will be presented to local and state leadership, as well as to local media. Hope Rises Up will work with the authors to facilitate this presentation locally.

The words within are not specific to any one town or state, they apply across our entire country. If you are moved by the words and would like to host a proclamation in your own community, we ask that you take responsibility for the following.

  • Maintain the integrity of the introduction and the proclamation. Every word was carefully chosen and it should not be altered in any way.

  • Only collect signatures from White American Allies. It is understood that people of color have already signed this with their own skin, and  people of color are reliant on White America to do their part.

  • Take responsibility in your own  community for sharing the signed document with your local and state leaders, and holding them accountable for the words within.

  • Be willing to coordinate with others in your area who step up to help collect in person signatures.

  • Maintain principles of social distancing while collecting in-person signatures. This can be done with masks, hand sanitizer, and encouraging people to use their own pens.

If you would like to move forward with hosting a signature collection drive in your community, please email your name, contact information, and a few words about yourself and/or your organization to We can provide the information needed, including printable signature pages, in PDF form, and will ask that you also provide us with an accounting of all signatures collected.

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